Hsinchu local breakfast

The breakfast shop is next to Hsinchu Station, so many people come here and buy breakfast and then get on the train. This shop sells pan-fried buns and steam buns only.

Hsinchu breakfast
Roasterpig came later and there was less people waiting 
There is no seats at the breakfast shop and you can only take away.
Hsinchu breakfast
preparing the bun

Roasterpig came to Hsinchu Station and wait for the train to Taichung

Taiwan Steam bun
Steam bun TW$40@5

新竹 秦師傅水煎包小籠包
inside is pork

pan-fried buns
Cabbage with pork pan-fried buns  NT$13
taiwan pan-fried buns
Chives with pork pan-fried buns  NT$13

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