Hong Kong red leaves: Tai Tong nature trail 2020

There are red leaves in Hong Kong and one of the most famous red leaves in Hong Kong is at Tai Tong Country Park at Yuen Long, New Territories.

This photo was taken at DEC 2020, now some of the red leaves at Tai Tong Sweet Gum Road were red.
For more photos of Tai Tong Red leaves, please see:  2020年大棠紅葉+楓香林實拍 

The Hong Kong most common maple tree species is sweet gum trees. It usually starts to turn red around December depends on the temperature. 

Hong Kong red leaves

At Tai Tong, the sweet gum tress are mainly at the Sweet Gum Woods, walking about 1 hours from the bus stop " Tai Tong Shan Road". 

Tai Tong Red Leave
The start of the Sweet Gum Woods

Tai Tong Red Leave
There are cars, so be careful when you taking photo

Sweet Gum Wood
Some start to be red, but most are green at the early December

Tai Tong nature trail Tai Lam
At the end of Sweet Gum Woods, except back to  Tai Tong Shan Road to have the public transport,
you can also go to Tai Lam Tunnel Bus Interchange station for  public transportation.

Sweet Gum Wood Hong Kong
Temporary toilets are at the front and end of the Sweet Gum Woods

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